Sales Hiring Snapshot

A brief overview of the inside sales hiring market. The images cover everything from 2009 job growth to motivations for employees leaving.


NPR’s References Fill Jobs & Pockets

Many companies are looking to their employees to bring in their next hires.  Assuming that top talent knows top talent, these companies even offer to pay their employees bonuses for referring candidates that get hired.

“Many of America’s largest employers have referral programs…. That’s the case for about 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies.”

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Employment in Austin, TX

As companies in Austin finally prepare to start hiring again, one of the city’s major employment stabilizing factors has become unstable due to budget cuts.

“Texas’ projected state revenue shortfall of as much as $23 billion means deep cuts in public sector jobs.”

The University of Texas, public school districts, the Texas Education Agency, and many other public establishments have already cut  jobs and are preparing to cut more over the next year.  Private-sector employers will have to pick up the slack for these losses to keep the Austin area economy going.

Although this may seem like bad news, Austin has shown new strength in high tech and venture capital sectors, while also building real momentum in other areas:

“Austin-area sales of existing homes were up 14 percent in January compared with a year earlier. Area car sales last month jumped 12 percent from the same month a year ago, according to the Freeman Auto Report.”

We must keep in mind that just a few years ago it was the public sector that was thriving and the private sector that was suffering.  No matter the industry, the time, the position, you never know what can happen in a matter of a couple years and sometimes even within a couple months, days, or weeks.  Everyone must be prepared for these kinds of changes.

How does one prepare?  Keep your eyes peeled for future opportunity, use and grow your network, expand your reach.  By allowing talent to be confidentially and passively open to the next opportunity, StrictlyTalent can help you proactively prepare for change.

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Crème de la Crème

Closers was recently reviewed on, a website known for identifying successful, up and coming businesses. Reviews on SlapStart are known for their creative twist and accurate descriptions.

“They (StrictlyClosers) utilize technology to manage relationships, but also use their knowledge of recruiting to ensure it doesn’t become a resume and cover letter free for all.”

SlapStart goes over some of the potential possibilities for industry professionals using StrictlyClosers.

“The next step isn’t necessarily to come in for an interview, but rather to include that person in your network. The process focuses on broadening ones network of relationships. As such, it doesn’t resign itself to such things as resume uploads and broad searching of talent.”

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Talent Transformation

We found a powerful YouTube video that goes over some of the major obstacles the recruitment industry is facing today.

“Employers have realized the diminishing return of job boards”

“Thousands of unqualified applicants can paralyze the recruiting process”

“Less than 3 out of every 100 online job postings result in a placement”

Take a couple minutes to watch the video. This is the exact force that drives our business. We are here to solve these problems and offer a viable solution to both recruiters and talent.

Let Strictly vouch for you

A career site for those not looking

We all know making connections through your own network can be fundamental in finding the right career opportunity.  Sometimes this network can be very effective in landing your next position. Occasionally, timing and circumstances beyond your control may hinder these efforts.

That’s where StrictlyClosers comes in. Our confidential network of professional Sales Careers helps augment your own network and expand your reach. Our filtering system focuses on quality opportunities that are uniquely matched to you.

Let Strictly expand your Professional Network and help manage your next career move. Have Strictly Vouch for you.

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“It is not unthinkable that one day services like this will become the norm for finding talent online. I mean, Facebook and job aggregators provide exposure without actually providing a filter. Networks in which connections are made on a one-to-one basis are the only logical way in which such an overload of data could be successfully dealt with.”

Out with the job boards, In with the…

According to the Labor Department between November 2009 and November 2010, the total number of job openings rose 32%.  The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about a new recruiting game changer.

Recruiters and companies are throwing out their old hiring playbooks and cutting back on job boards. You ask why? It’s probably because of the mounds of resumes acquired from unqualified candidates and the resources wasted to go through them. Many companies “plan to scale back their use of online job boards, which generate mostly unqualified leads, and hunt for candidates with a particular expertise on places like LinkedIn Corp.’s professional networking site before they post an opening.”  Companies are also strategically using their high level recruiters to actually hunt for talent rather than to sift through a never ending stack of applications. Companies now want to focus on recruiters that can effectively go after quality candidates rather than those that are good at processing applications.

“About 24% of companies plan to decrease their usage of third-party employment websites and job boards this year, according to a December survey from the Corporate Executive Board Co., a business consulting firm. Nearly 80% of respondents said they plan to increase their use of job-board alternative methods.”

Melissa Mounce, PNC Financial Services Group‘s senior vice president of corporate talent acquisition, says the company became concerned that its slow response time to applications was hurting its brand; “Someone who applies for a bank-teller position might also be a customer or potential customer, and we were letting those applications fall into a black hole,” says Melissa Mounce.

The black hole, the irrelevant applicant, the broken system… this is exactly what StrictlyTalent is focused on solving. Our service offers a time-saving solution for both the candidate and the recruiter.

This just in from Matchmaking Job Site to Hone in on Sales Positions

The new StrictlyClosers‘ site receives a great review from Todd Raphael.

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Successful Sales Pros New Year’s Resolutions

With the launching of StrictlyClosers next week, we have the chance to focus on talented sales professionals.
Geoffrey James, a sales expert and writer has identified an action-oriented list of New Year’s Resolutions specifically geared toward successful sales pros.

This list is worth reading as it covers some essential sales techniques as well as useful sales tips and tricks.

Geoffrey’s list touches on attitude, personal health, and even giving back.

“I resolve to forgive the ignorant fools at my company who don’t understand that selling is the reason that our company exists.”

Every sales person ought to take a few minutes to read through these resolutions and perhaps add a goal or two for Geoffrey’s 2012 updated list. Here’s what StrictlyTalent would add to the list:

Staying alert for your next lead or sale is important, but don’t forget about your career; Keep your options open and proactively establish and maintain relationships with future opportunity.

Take a look at Geoffrey’s list, add to it, and let us know what your sales resolutions are for 2011.